Order Statuses

What do they mean?

In order to guide you through the letterpress process, we update your order with a specific status along the way.

One word order statuses are annoying. We get it! To remedy the frustration of not knowing what state your order is actually in, we've provided a thorough explanation below. You can find the status of your order(s) on your account page.

Order Status Description
Received When an order is 'Received' it has probably been placed within the last few days. If you've requested a free PDF proof with your order, we will soon be preparing that for you. On most weeks, proofs are designed and emailed to you on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
Proof Sent After we've emailed you your proof for approval, we will change the status to 'Proof Sent.' This status will only be applicable if you've requested a PDF proof of your card during the checkout process.
Proof Approved Your order will be marked as 'Proof Approved' if you've given us a thumbs up to continue with the printing process. This will happen after you've received and approved the PDF proof. A card in this state is waiting for the plate making process to begin.
Plated An order is marked as 'Plated' when we've either finished your layout, or have had an approval from you to continue with production. In this phase, we create a physical letterpress plate that is unique to your card. We keep this plate in our shop in case you'd like to reorder your cards in the future. Because we've already made your plate, future reorders will include a 20% discount. Usually your order will be in this state the longest as we'll be waiting for your order to come up in the print queue!
Processing Reorder If you've put through a reorder request, your cards will be marked 'Processing Reorder' after we've manually inspected to make sure the information from your reorder matches a previous plate we have in the shop. If you see this status, your cards are in our print queue.
Printed The 'Printed" status means your order has been printed and is waiting to be packaged and mailed. Generally, if your order is marked with this status, they will mailing out the same day. Occasionally, they will be mailed out the next business day.
Shipped An email is sent with your tracking information and your order is categorized as fulfilled. You may access your PDF proof and tracking information from your account page.

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