About Us

Welcome to our tiny shop.

Hoban Cards is a tiny shop located in the Great Pacific Northwest. Evan Calkins started Hoban Cards in 2011 as his curiosity in letterpress printing quickly turned from a hobby, to side business, to career.

While working as a software developer, Evan moonlit the company until he was able to quit his day job and go full time with Hoban Cards at the beginning of 2015. Along the journey, Evan hired his longtime friend Ben Ellis, family friend, Rebecca Cooper, and new friend Mel Marshall to help out in the shop as printmakers. The team of four now operates Hoban Cards while fullfilling letterpress printed business card and stationery orders all over the world.

Evan Calkins, Proprietor, Printmaker

Evan was born and raised in Centralia, Washington; a small town located between two beautiful Pacific Northwest cities - Seattle and Portland. He married Kelly in 2005 and they have one lovely 16 year old daughter. The family enjoys camping in their 1989 Volkswagen Westfalia, kayaking, hiking and spending time in the larger surrounding cities.

Ben Ellis, Printmaker

Ben, a Washington State native, lives in Centralia, Washington with his wife and four children. Ben enjoys playing guitar, beard maintenance, drinking of the holy bean and cooking for his family. When not letterpress printing, he has an odd obsession with watching StarCraft 2 competitions online (Go Terran!).

Becky Cooper, Project Manager, Printmaker

Becky is a West Coast (best coast?) native, and a curious creative who has worked in many different industries and capacities, most consistently as a photographer. She loves a good weekend trail run, cup of washed Bourbon from Colombia, and fine tuning her adobada tacos. She’ll also never turn down a good Scotch, or a spontaneous flight to almost anywhere.

Mel Marshall, Printmaker

Mel is a Washington native, but feels at home almost anywhere — whether getting lost in ancient Middle Eastern cities or trying to surf (mostly wiping out) in Puerto Rico, she loves experiencing as much of this beautiful world as possible. When not printmaking, she is most likely eyeing flights for future travels. She will also never turn down anything with passionfruit or cardamom.