Profile: Adam Mason

This profile interview is part of a series where we highlight the many interesting, talented people who use Hoban Cards in their everyday lives.

Adam Mason is a photographer and host of the photography podcast, The Bearded Tog. Currently based in Washington DC, Adam grew up in the farmland of southern Delaware. He  now travels the world as a wedding and event photographer, capturing moments for happy couples, people he meets on the road, and big names like Tesla and Facebook alike. Adam is also a past client of ours, and today we’re talking to him about working as a freelance photographer, letterpress printing, and podcasting.

How did you get started as a professional wedding photographer?

I talk about this in the first episode of The Bearded Tog. Essentially I became a photographer after getting kicked out of college, and living in a 3rd world country. From there I learned the power of story and storytelling. 6 months later I bought a camera to tell stories. I eventually would shoot my first wedding in June of 2011.

Rain Silhouette in Washington DC by Adam Mason

You also host a podcast called The Bearded Tog to help other photographers and entrepreneurs build their own sustainable businesses; what motivated you to launch your own podcast?

I started The Bearded Tog because I felt like there was this void missing in the photography industry, especially when it comes to podcasts. A lot of photographers do education, but seem to hold back the real answers or seem scared of the competition. I think that's misleading the people they teach, and ultimately damaging the industry. I don't want freelance to be a mystery, it's not easy but if a guy raised by a single-mom in southern Delaware can make it work, I believe anyone can. That's what The Bearded Tog is all about.

Mountain Engagement by Adam Mason

You've ordered some customized stationery from us featuring your logo; how do you put your notecards to work?

I try to use my notecards as much as possible. Primarily they're client notes and thank you cards, helping for me to stay top of mind and show my clients that they matter.

Adam's Simple 4 Bar Letterpress Printed Notecards

With so many stationery options on the market today, what made you choose a letterpress printed card?

I've always been a fan of high quality, long-lasting design. Letterpress gets there and if the recipient of my card feels like they matter, because I made sure my notecard material matters, then I'm happy. Hopefully that makes sense.

How did you find out about Hoban Press? Did you already have experience with letterpress printing?

I think I found out about Hoban Press from my friend and designer Nathan Davis. I knew of letterpress and design companies, but I chose Hoban to create my first custom letterpress products.

Paradigm Shift in South Africa by Adam Mason

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