The Writer

The Writer
UK Standard on 220# Crane Lettra Ecru

Type & Layout

I'm not a writer, but if I were, I'd want these. Trustworthy, balanced, and warm are a few adjectives that come to mind when I see this layout. Gold-brown ink on Ecru (cream) stock. Typeset with increased tracking in the beautiful Columbia Titling and printed on UK sized standard cards (86mm x 54mm).

All of our cards at Hoban Press are individually laid out with an eye on general tracking and kerning between character combinations.


  • 100 letterpress printed calling cards
  • UK Standard size (86mm x 54mm)
  • Individually hand printed on a Chandler & Price Letterpress c. 1900
  • 110 lb. Neenah Cotton, 100% cotton stock (upgradable to 220 lb.)
  • Gold Van Son Rubber Based Ink

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