What kind of paper do you print on?

All our cards are printed on Neenah Cotton, which is a wonderful 100% cotton paper made by Neenah – specifically for letterpress printing. In Neenah's words, "NEENAH® Cotton Papers are the perfect choice for projects that need to stand the test of time, from invitations and letterheads to envelopes and professional documents. An understated, timeless color palette complements the superior craftsmanship that goes into these 100% cotton papers, ideal for letterpress... "

At Hoban Press, we've tried a variety of cotton papers and have found Neenah Cotton to be the most versatile and beautiful for calling cards and small stationery items.

220# Paper Upgrade

When ordering calling cards, there is an option to upgrade the paper to 220# (600gsm). This option will give you a stock that's twice as thick as the standard 110# (300gsm). We often liken the thickness to a paper beer coaster you'd find at a pub. They certainly get noticed and add rigidity. If you need to carry many cards with you at once, it may be better to stick with the standard 110# stock.