The Operative

The Operative - A letterpress kraft chipboard calling card from Hoban Cards
The Operative - letterpress printed on thick kraft chipboard

Type & Layout

The Operative is a unique card inspired by the look of an official, mid-century, typewritten document that may be found on the desk of your local government agency. Like the Colophon Card, this layout allows for more a freeform, sentence like approach to a business card. Important information like your name, business name and contact info is boldened for readability and a touch of style. The card is typeset in a wonderful monospaced typeface called Inconsolata - ubiquitous within the programming community. A ridged recycled Kraft Chipboard is used to bring the entire theme together.


  • 100 letterpress printed calling cards
  • U.S. Standard size (2" x 3.5")
  • Individually hand printed on a Chandler & Price Letterpress c. 1900
  • Thick Kraft Chipboard Cardstock
  • Black Son Rubber Based Ink

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