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The Gentleman

The Gentleman
Pictured on 220# Crane Lettra

Type & Layout

The Gentleman is a great layout if you have a social media icon you'd like to add to your card. The photo includes an example of a Twitter handle, but that can be swapped for another service. Typeset in Canaveral, Myriad Pro, and Otari Bold Limited.

All of our cards at Hoban Press are individually laid out with an eye on general tracking and kerning between character combinations.


  • 100 letterpress printed calling cards
  • U.S. Standard size (2" x 3.5")
  • Individually hand printed on a Chandler & Price Letterpress c. 1900
  • 110# (300 gsm) Crane's Lettra, 100% cotton stock (upgradable to 220#)
  • Van Son Rubber Based Ink

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